3 Fun Ideas for a Company Holiday Party

It’s no news that a lot of your employees look forward to the yearly company holiday party. Many companies use the time to hand out awards, give an update on the company, spring for a catered dinner and perhaps an open bar, and give everyone a chance to mingle outside of the workplace.

Since a lot of employees are looking for ways to earn extra cash for Christmas, some companies use the opportunity to hand out bonuses. While that’s great if you really want to make the party a hit you need to ensure that it’s as fun as possible.

To help you accomplish that, we wanted to share a few ideas that could be perfect for your company’s holiday party this year.

#1. Fun Gifts

You probably handed out plenty of candy and Halloween gifts this year and perhaps you even shared some with your employees. However, in order to make the holiday party a hit, you really should at least have door prizes or gifts on the table for your employees. 

Consider getting everyone a Christmas hat or a stocking filled with goodies. Just remember, this isn’t the time to hand out pens or hats with the company name/logo. Give them something a little more special and they’ll appreciate it a lot more.

2. Make It a Theme Party

It’s the perfect time to forget about the snow and ice and host a Hawaiian Luau party. Decorate the venue with tropical decor, provide leis and hula skirts, have island-themed drinks and food, and let everyone enjoy a break from winter.

Another great theme that many enjoy is a casino night. You can rent roulette wheels, poker tables, and other Vegas-style accessories and have prizes that the employees can trade in their winnings for. Try to have a couple of “big” prizes, but be sure to have plenty of fun things that even the smallest of winners can afford.

A few other themes you might want to consider for the office holiday party are:

  • 70s disco night
  • Pajama party
  • The Great Gatsby (think 1920s)
  • Masquerade ball
  • Karaoke 

Making it a theme night gives everyone a chance to dress up and have fun while spending time with coworkers they likely only see at work. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either—you can get bulk masks for the masquerade ball at very affordable rates. For the PJ party, make sure you have plenty of popcorn, candy, and other snacks you’d be likely to find at a slumber party.

#3. Go International

Purchase a few mini piñatas and stuff them with goodies like airplane-sized bottles of liquor, candy, and gag gifts like cigarette loads or white elephant presents. 

Get plenty of popular chocolate treats and look up the rules for the German party game Schokoladenessen (which actually means “chocolate eating”). For a game from the U.K., play “pass the parcel.” It’s a variation of musical chairs where players can actually win a nice prize.

Catch the Dragon’s Tail is a fun party game from China.

Adding games from other countries is a great way to introduce everyone to something different and perhaps completely new to them. Include prizes or combine them with a casino night where they can win more chips to redeem for gifts and prizes.

All in all, your company holiday party should be a time to relax and have fun with the people that keep your business flowing. Making the effort to include activities aside from just dinner and dancing can show them how much you really appreciate their efforts and dedication. 

Whether you use one of the tips above or not, take the time to plan something special this year. They deserve it.

What Happens at a Company Party?

Parties allow staff to unwind and get to know one another. You can assist coworkers in socializing outside of their immediate departments by organizing enjoyable icebreakers and team-building activities. Entertainment is also crucial. Games and performances can add to the enjoyment of your gathering.

What Do You Bring to a Company Holiday Party?

Cheese, crackers, and cookies made by hand make great gifts for a holiday party. Any tasty finger food will do, but if your host has dietary restrictions, try to keep those in mind. While most people enjoy cheese and charcuterie, it is not something you should do on a regular basis.

How Do I Throw a Christmas Party for My Company?

Charades, scavenger hunts, trivia, crafts, and other activities are possible. If you decide to organize a themed party, make sure to include activities that correspond to your theme. Give rewards: Your events will be significantly more enjoyable if your guests compete for rewards.

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