30 Top Best GAMING AFFILIATE PROGRAMS in 2023 (+ Free Tips)

Did you know that you can earn money while playing online video games through affiliate gaming programs? The purpose of these programs is to attract as many users as possible to play games while also making some cash. Some of these programs have been listed in this article, and we hope to answer some of the questions you have regarding gaming affiliate programs. Read on.

The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs  

#1. Leprestore

This is a boosting service for games such as Destiny 2, World of Warcraft Classic, and Apex Legends.

#2. Razer

It is a well-known brand that produces gaming gear. They manufacture a variety of beneficial things for gamers, such as consoles, mice, computers, backpacks, apparel, gear, gaming seats, and so on.

#3. Alienware

Alienware is among the best gaming affiliate programs for online and video games. Its main products are powerful PCs designed and built specifically for gaming. They have a large selection of computers, but their items are of high quality and well worth the price.

#4. Zygor Guides

If you are an active member of the World of Warcraft community, this affiliate program is ideal for you. Even if you are not, you can still engage in this program and earn a lot of money.

#5. Nvidia

Nvidia, recognized for its high-performance Graphic Processor Units, is one of the best gaming affiliate programs for online and video games, with high commissions and rich awards. When Nvidia introduced an affiliate program that pays a 2% to 5% fee on every successful transaction, many affiliates jumped on board because it was easier to sell products on this platform.

#6. Final Mouse

Only gamers recognize the importance of a decent gaming mouse. Final Mouse is a company that recognizes this, which is why they exclusively make high-quality gaming mice.

#7. ModdedZone

ModdedZone is a prominent custom gaming controller company that has pushed things to the next level. Furthermore, the level of customization is such that even game consoles cannot detect the changed configurations.

#8. Bose

Without question, Bose is one of the top firms that produce excellent speakers and headsets. Nobody can compete with their quality. Thus joining their affiliate program is really useful.

#9. GameFly

It is a video game rental service established in the United States that is based on Netflix’s original concept. They seek to offer players the most diverse variety and availability of games for all major systems. GameFly allows gamers to rent games and movies.

#10. Logitech

It is one of the most effective online gaming affiliate programs in the United States. Logitech is well-known for producing computer equipment, particularly keyboards and mice, which have long been popular among gamers. You’ll be surprised to learn that they invented the trackball, laser mouse, and a variety of other advances.

#11. Wargaming

This platform is well-known for the titles World of Warships and World of Tanks. These two games are well-known for their real-money marketplaces, which have so far generated more than $1.5 billion. If you want to market gaming products with global visibility, you should absolutely sign up for this site.

#12. Fanatical

This gaming affiliate network strives to assist gamers from all around the world in finding excellent games at the lowest possible costs. This website is a massive marketplace for legitimately licensed game keys. You will be surprised to learn that they have sold over 70 million fully licensed game keys to date. Furthermore, they provide a 5% reward to affiliates for each successful sale generated by their affiliate links.

#13. Green Man

It is a global, multi-platform online video game store that provides game developers and creators with digital partnerships and publishing services. They also sell keycodes for digital downloads to PC gamers, but they also provide their consumers with a vast portfolio of games across several platforms, including AAA releases and indie titles, and they collaborate with over 450 developers, publishers, and distributors.

#14. Kinguin

In this marketplace, gamers can save a lot of money, especially on new releases. It is an EU-focused platform that sells new games at reduced pricing. This platform is unique in that it allows you to market games for all major gaming systems. It is more than just an online store because it also serves as an online gaming platform where members can buy and sell online games.

#15. Secret Lab Chairs

Because they manufacture high-quality gaming chairs and operate on a B2C model, they have one of the best online gaming affiliate programs. They work in such a way that you must place the link in the most visible area of your website in order for more visitors to click on the referral link.

#16. Twitch

It is a well-known online streaming platform as well as one of the most famous gaming affiliate sites where gamers may earn money by live-streaming gameplay. The good news is that millions of people gather here to participate, discuss, and create entertainment, making Twitch a fantastic video streaming service provider. They currently have over 9.36 million streamers, and this number is growing by the day.

#17. Nerd or Die

This company began as a tutorial website and subsequently expanded into a brand that makes designs for content makers, such as alerts, gaming-compatible overlays, widgets, and stream themes. Their primary goal is to assist gamers who participate in live streaming. Affiliates can choose from a terrific choice of designs or have custom designs created to their specifications.

#18. Astro Gaming

Because video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, Astro Games has made the decision to capitalize on gamers’ experiences and provide them with an authentic gaming brand. They have a large product line that includes wired and wireless headphones, clothing, gaming bags, controllers, mixers, and earbuds.

#19. Streamplay

It is one of the greatest online gaming affiliate programs because signing up and becoming an affiliate is free. It is a leading streaming brand that provides superior graphics to gaming streamers as well as customizable and downloadable images. All you have to do is promote the product or website using your referral link, and if they buy something using your link, you get a 30% reward.

#20. Jinx

Jinx is one such apparel company that is influenced by gaming. Isn’t that awesome? They not only blend apparel and games, but they also have other nerdy interests. If you like ninjas, Eskimos, or enormous robots, you should check out their website. Furthermore, they have a large product range for gamers that includes toys, clothes, and gaming equipment.

#21. Loot Crate

This is an incredible marketplace with the best geek and gaming gear ranging from collectibles to art, tech gadgets, fashion, and other fantastic items. Subscription boxes for anime, gaming, and other interests are also available.

#22. GameStop

This is a prominent video game retailer that sells both new and secondhand games and electronics. They sell Nintendo Switch Games, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 systems and accessories. Their payout structure is based on CPA, with a commission rate of up to 6%, a cookie length of one day, and Rakuten Advertising Network.

#23. Vortex

It is a fantastic gaming affiliate network that offers some fascinating cloud-based games that can be played from anywhere and on any device. If you want to sell some of the top PC games on the market that can be played on any device without the need for pricey hardware, Vortex is the affiliate program for you.

24. Glorious PC Gaming Race

This is an excellent site that provides a variety of things, such as mousepads, keyboards, and gaming wrist rests. It is a hardware firm that specializes in lifestyle gaming devices. This marketplace is a wonderful blend of technology and aesthetics that will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience.

#25. CDKeys

This platform offers users the greatest digital coupons for the most recent games. They have over 20 years of industry experience and provide gamers with top-up and large packs at reasonable pricing. The best thing about this platform is that you don’t have to pay the full fee or wait for it every time you play a game.

#26. G2deal

It is a wonderful platform because it offers the most competitive pricing and same-day shipment. This platform, which debuted in 2008, is professional and accountable to its users. G2 deal is an online marketplace that guarantees secure and easy access to a wide range of game items and software keys at competitive costs.

#27. Epic Games

Based in Cary, North Carolina, this is one of the greatest gaming affiliate programs and software developers and publishers. They have a good reputation and are one of the most well-known names in the gaming industry. They are the creators of the fantastic internet game Fortnite. Epic Games is a platform for creators that allows them to monetize their work through the Epic Games store and Fortnite.

#28. Sennheiser

It is a family-run business that provides the possibility to earn money not only on gaming equipment but on all of the products available on the Sennheiser Webshop. This fantastic platform is well-known for its high-quality audio equipment and superb gaming headphones. Aside from that, they also provide soundbars and other accessories to ensure the greatest gaming experience possible.

#29. Microsoft Gaming

This portal sells a wide variety of gear and software, including games, songs, Xbox gaming consoles, music albums, apps, laptops, office software, tablets, and other items. Their affiliate program is mostly available through Rakuten, but it is also available on other platforms such as FlexOffers and Tradedoubler.

#30. Turtle Beach

This marketplace is well-known for producing high-quality headphones; you’ll be surprised to learn that they sell over 100 gaming audio headsets for a variety of devices, including Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, PC, and Mac. They are one of the leading gaming accessory companies with a wide range of creative and award-winning goods.

What Is A Gaming Affiliate?

A gaming affiliate is a marketer who gets money by marketing gaming-related products and services on their website, YouTube channel, or even social media. These affiliates work with a well-known firm in the sector to advertise everything from hardware to software and accessories.

Does Game Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, almost every game has an affiliate program.

Does Xbox Have An Affiliate Program?

Xbox does not have an affiliate program at the moment. It works under Microsoft.

How Can I Promote My Gaming Products?

You can promote your gaming products in the following ways:

  • Conducting a market research
  • Studying Your Competitors
  • Making a proposal to mobile game publishers
  • Mobile Game Evaluation
  • Working on your ASO for mobile games.
  • Utilizing Alternative Store Markets
  • Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Ads – Display Network & Universal App Campaigns
  • Encouraging cross-promotion

How Much Does It Cost To Market A Video Game?

Marketing an indie game costs around $50,000. Branding takes roughly two weeks to finish and costs around $7,000 to do yourself or around as much to outsource. A trailer takes around a week to make, costs around $4,000 to make yourself, and may cost less to outsource.

How Does Game Marketing Work?

Game marketing involves implementing a marketing strategy to get your game to the top of the list and get users to install it on their devices.

Is gaming good for affiliate marketing?

There are many potential markets for affiliate marketing, but the gaming industry is particularly fruitful. Some gaming networks, for instance, offer a whopping sixty percent commission on every sale.

Is gaming a profitable niche?

The gaming industry is the world’s fastest-growing media industry. With more than 2 billion gamers and about $100 billion in online business earnings, it has surpassed film and television. Its growth potential is enormous, but it can be difficult for marketers to determine where to concentrate their efforts.

How do I become an affiliate with no money?

If you want to get into affiliate marketing but don’t have any initial funds, your only option is to get an affiliate link and start sending it to people you know. Although doable, unless you are constantly networking, this strategy will not allow you to scale and will not generate a substantial income.

Is it too late for affiliate marketing?

There is still time if you want to start a career as an affiliate marketer, though. Although opportunities still exist, competition is at an all-time low. Putting in the time, effort, and focus is required.

How many people succeed in affiliate marketing?

Typically, affiliates see a conversion rate of around 1%. This figure is an approximation because many affiliate marketers choose to conceal their true affiliate conversion rate.

Can you get sued as an affiliate marketer?

You may be named in a lawsuit even if you are not at fault. We rarely talk about affiliate marketing law, and the same is true of internet marketing in general.

In Conclusion,

As practically all types of products are turning to affiliate marketing to improve their sales, it’s a great opportunity to engage in gaming affiliate programs that’ll enable you to make money while playing your favorite video games. With the list of gaming affiliate programs listed above, you’ll have a sure way of earning a substantial amount of money.

FAQs On Gaming Affiliate Programs

Is being an affiliate worth it?

With the increasing growth in popularity, affiliate marketing is definitely worth it.

Why do most affiliate marketers fail?

Poor customer service from the product brand is one of the reasons affiliate marketing fails. It significantly contributes to the failure rate of affiliate marketing. As a result, affiliate marketers are blamed.

Is there any risk in affiliate marketing?

The major risk in affiliate marketing is the risk of not getting paid.

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With the increasing growth in popularity, affiliate marketing is definitely worth it.

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Poor customer service from the product brand is one of the reasons affiliate marketing fails. It significantly contributes to the failure rate of affiliate marketing. As a result, affiliate marketers are blamed.

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The major risk in affiliate marketing is the risk of not getting paid.


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